Contentment – Home

I am so very blessed to have my own home, it is a perfect little home for me and my dogs. The awesome thing is that it is the perfect size for us, not to big, not to small just freakin perfect. I used to look at other peoples homes and be envious of them but no more. This is the part of me needing to focus on being content with my life right now. How silly of me to miss it and to take this blessing for granted, I don’t think that is quite the right word but silly for wanting bigger, flasher and more modern. How about I turn this around and stop being an ungrateful little bitch?

I love my home, it is not to big so it doesn’t take long to do the housework each weekend. Cosy is a word that comes to mind and I have moulded it into my own little haven and relax zone. I don’t think anyone should take having a home for granted now a days and you are blessed if you have one. Sadly my awareness is growing of seeing homeless people more and more. So many people & families are living in their cars or in emergency housing that just the security of having your own home is a blessing that so many no longer have.

In my volunteer role I am dealing with more and more people who are having to rehome their pets because they no longer have a home or they have had to move into a rental that they can afford but it won’t allow pets. It is often not a case of them rehoming them because they don’t care but rather because they do care so much and want the best for their pets. Just the other night I was helping a guy find a foster for his cat. He loves his cat so much and it is so sad because he probably needs the cat with him but he is living in his car and has decided that it is not fair on a cat to live in a car. He is looking for a foster but will pay all expenses and is hoping to find somewhere to live eventually that will let him have his cat with him. I am so blessed that I have my own home and giving up my pets is not something I need to worry about.

Yep I am so content, blessed and grateful that I have my own home and it will never be taken for granted.

1 thought on “Contentment – Home

  1. I agree, we are so very lucky to have a house and our pets. Your volunteer role sounds rewarding but must be heartbreaking at times. You are awesome for doing all that. Makes me think about my next steps in life. So sad about that man’s cat, so great he had you to help.

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