Calming the Busy Mind

My mind often swings between nothingness and so many intense thoughts all at once I almost have to tell them to take a number. Over the last week I could feel myself getting more and more wound up an I just needed to step away from it all today and take time out for myself. I took myself off to my favorite place and the photos in my header are some I took while there including my spot I go to meditate. It is an amazing spot that is off the normal walking track in the bush where the bird sing around you and the whole thing is just tranquil and just what I needed. It is amazing how I can be in this place and experience so many thoughts and emotions (I pretty much always have a cry up there just from being overwhelmed by my own thoughts) and yet when I take the time to just sit and just be and tell my mind stop for a moment lets draw breath my body just calms. I was going to explain the amount of thoughts I had before I reached this moment but instead I am hoping that I just leave you with calm or the desire to go out and find your own calming place.

Today my glowstick bent and glowed.
The wonder of nature on a wet day in winter – beautiful.

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