10 Reasons Why Being Sober Is Better Than Drunk

  1. Feelings – Not only do you feel the bad & the sad but you also feel the happy, joy, excitement, hope & love
  2. Clarity – Most thoughts are more clear, I still get brain farts, I still get over load, I still over think and even though some of my thinking is not always good it has so much more clarity than it ever did while drinking
  3. Understanding – With the clearer thinking your understanding of yourself is clearer. 
  4. Higher Self Esteem – When drinking your whole self esteem is so low, I had absolutely no self worth.
  5. Happier – Depression is a bitch and although I still have sad times I now understand that it is okay. Don’t drown it out with alcohol, feel it & learn from it.
  6. Hearing My Own Body – I know sounds a bit weird but I am more aware of my body and taking notice of what it needs
  7. Freedom – Just the ability to be able to make a snap decision to go somewhere and not have to sit there thinking how much have I drunk? Am I okay to drive this early in the morning since I drunk so much last night???
  8. Pulling My Head Out Of The Sand – No longer just ignoring the financial shit I put myself in. With my depression one way to perk myself up was shopping and online shopping drunk can be quiet awesome especially when stuff arrives you don’t remember ordering. But I also got myself so far into debt because I was drinking and not thinking clearly and thought if I had nothing to spend I would not be able to afford to drink. (Don’t do it, you still find a way and then you also have financial stress.)
  9. Having A Future – Feeling like your going to be around long enough to need to plan a future is so much better than thinking your weight and heart palpitations might take you out while working your dogs or even in your sleep.
  10. Reaching 10 Months Sober – There is no way I thought I was going to make it to 10 months and had even given myself get out of jail free cards for not making it. Originally a goal with a friend to make 3 months to have a rest from drinking ten months didn’t even occur to me. Now, well now I can almost smell a year but I am not getting to cocky about it. I have seen others fall over here who have been doing really well AND I have fallen over previously myself, right flat onto my face fallen down. 

11 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Being Sober Is Better Than Drunk

  1. Awesome post and I agree with all of those reasons! You’ve done so amazingly well, my warrior queen. Nearly wrote princess but you’re mightier than that. I’m so proud of you, I so admire what you have achieved and I’m right here to celebrate all those months and soon years of sobriety. LOVE YOU. xxxx

    1. Hey truth be told I wouldn’t of made it without my Warrior Tribe (which is full of Queens + a King) if I hadn’t of found them I simply would of given up. OMG YES my beautiful friend we have so many years ahead of us now it is going to be freakin awesome ❤ LOVE YOU SO MUCH XOXO

    1. Wendy thank you so much, a huge part in my recovery has been the love and support I have felt on here from my tribe and I consider you a part of my sober tribe (haha you might not want to be in that tribe but it’s got some lovely people in here). Your kind words of praise and encouragement really do help and make a huge difference on this journey so THANK YOU SO MUCH XOX ❤

  2. Yup. Gotta share this one. Words to fight the fight by. These are all hard lessons learned. So pleased and grateful that this 10-month journey has been such a powerful life experience for you. My prayers are very specifically for you every day, just as they are for everyone else on this journey whose pages I visit for my own walk almost 9 years later.

  3. I’ve said it before probably, but I love it when you write like this. I’ve seen you growing in strength. You’re a realist. I’m sure it’s what gotten you this far. Proud of you!! X

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