Nine Things I Like About Being Sober

Originally this sober trip was one I started with a friend with both of us thinking we would stay sober for 3 months and then see if we felt like keeping it up or just start drinking again. She didn’t make it to the 3 months but I am grateful that she started the journey with me anyway. Today is my ninth month or 272 days sober who the hell would of thought. I have to get through the festive season and then on next year 4th of February I will of smashed out a whole year.

For today I thought it timely I highlight 9 things I like about being sober, here we go in no particular order.

  1. Having Feelings – Whether being good or bad things I am 100% present and I am feeling everything.
  2. Recycle Day – Yep this is a big one for me and I know you’ll probably find it funny but I used to HATE rubbish day because I would put out an over flowing recycle bin every week with all my empty bottles. At a different place I used to live at I was so embarrassed and drinking so much I would wrap the bottles in paper and hide them in my normal rubbish just so there wasn’t the over flow. Now my recycle bin lasts months before I have to put it out (yes I do recycle everything I can).
  3. No Cloudy Days – OMG no waking up with cloudy head, some days hangover headaches, some times feeling nausea, often full of regret and self hate for once again promising myself I wouldn’t drink so much and would stop at point X. Pfffft like I could ever keep that promise once I had one I was fucked.
  4. Being Conscious – I am so aware and present in my own life now in so many ways but here is just one example – I am loving now that if my pets are unwell during the night I actually wake up for it. How gross is this one of my little dogs had surgery she threw up in the bed, I was not even aware and slept with it YUCK. Yes I’m ashamed but I am not going to paint a pretty picture and pretend it never happened for you all just so I don’t have to share this sort of thing with you.
  5. No More Driving Out Of My Way – I used to go to the bottle store that often that I would try to go to a different one each time so they wouldn’t figure out I was drinking so much. What a freakin idiot like they wouldn’t know and to be honest would even care so paranoia playing in there.
  6. No More Running From Myself – I am no longer running from myself or my emotional baggage. Seriously it is exhausting trying to stay numb or so busy that you can’t feel things.
  7. Reading – I gave up reading while drinking, first off I would drink until I was able to pass out and go to sleep and trying to read pissed was pointless. First off focusing on the page and lines with poor eyesight was bullshit and second I never retained what I read anyway and could of read the same thing each night for a week and it wouldn’t of gone into my memory bank. I love reading and have so many great books here that have not been opened, just wish there was more hours in the day but I will get there with them.
  8. New Friends – Since being sober I have formed some beautiful, meaningful friendships. These people know that I am sober and I am 100% open and honest with them and this has created deep, loving and supportive soul sister friendships. Before being sober I would of avoided getting this close at all for fear of them knowing just what a shitty alcoholic I am.
  9. Sorting Shit Out – No longer hiding in an alcoholic haze also means that you have to pull your head out of your arse and deal with things to move forward. I’m not just talking about the emotional baggage but things like the financial shit hole I am in, umm I need to start addressing my health and fitness because that has been neglected. You know all the shit that you ignore when you are hanging out for that time of day when you can crack open that first bottle and everything else just gets pushed aside.



10 thoughts on “Nine Things I Like About Being Sober

  1. I love this kind of post. You’ve done bloody amazingly and it makes me smile to read it. Writing down everything, good and bad, has always helped me, especially if I’m having a bit of a wobble. X

    1. Aww thank you S_MW, a lot of the reason I do this is to clear my head but also in the hope that it can help others. If I just put down the good it might as well be some made up fairy tale but if I put the truth and good with the bad I am sure they will realize that hey we are all human and it’s okay. Yeah I still have wobbles and often think surely I can just have one or just drink this weekend because face it this does get tiring dealing with it all but I really, really am better off without. Plus Day One is a bitch of a day. xox

      1. I’ve never had a problem with alcohol and don’t even like it much but I know all about addiction. I’ve mostly beaten my own personal demons and am proud of myself, but still have to watch people I love battling theirs. You give me hope, ESPECIALLY because you are honest about it all. I’m incredibly proud of all my kids but my son’s journey has been hard. His addictions have made it hard for me too, but I’m constantly surprised by his fight and reading about your journey reminds me that there’s always hope. It also educates me I guess and that’s never a bad thing.

      2. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve never had problems with alcohol. Beating your own personal demons is something to be very proud of so well done you. Awww thank you for your kind words and glad to hear I can help in some small way.

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