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Humbling Experience

Okay following on from breaking out of my comfort zone and plucking up the courage to approach a homeless man and ask him if he thought his dog would like a dog jacket I offered I need to tell you some of what Eddie and I talked about. OH this is just a copyright free image as there is no way I would take a photo of Eddie for the sake of my blog. There was so much that we chatted about in a short space of time, the power of love, the love for his dog, how he ended up on the street again, what life used to be like for him etc, I don’t know how we fitted so much in but we did.

I wanted to share with you all part of the discussion, I honestly have no way of knowing if it’s the truth, part truth or all lies. I think parts may even be Eddie really believing they are true but they are a little bit out there.

As part of our conversation I asked Eddie what did he used to do before he ended up on the street. He told me that he was a chef and that he was a brilliant chef, there was a sparkle in his eyes as he talked about it and his face brightened with a smile on his face. After telling him I could see by his expression that it was something that he was very passionate about and asked did he think he would ever end up back doing it. His face just dropped and he really looked like the guy in the picture. The sparkle went from his eyes in an instant and he told me that he hasn’t been able to do it for 5 years now and that no one would hire him. Five years ago he found out that he was HIV positive and had hepatitis C. I told him that I was very sorry to hear that and asked to he realize that there is a cure for hepatitis C now? He said that he was on a cocktail of drugs and doubted it would help but he will ask his doctor next visit. He said that his old girlfriend really wanted a baby and that they had one together and he now had a little girl who was healthy. While Eddie was telling me about his little girl his face once again softened and there was a warmth in his eyes.

Anyway getting late here and don’t want this to drag on to long so might continue this again soon, still sober and everyday is a blessing xox

Take A Moment To Care / Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Today I did something I am proud of myself for doing and I wanted to share it with you all. Some are going to think I am silly or gullible but I don’t care my heart is in the right place.

At the moment we have very cold weather here and often are getting up to frosts because it is just so cold. Driving home from work the other night I noticed a man and his dog that I see often. I didn’t know if he was homeless or if he has some mental issues or what but he sits on the footpath outside a row of shops with a container out which people sometimes place money in. There is always a beautiful dog with him that looks a lot like the dog in this picture except he has more black patches on the white. The dog is not on a lead or anything but he is obviously well feed and very loyal to his owner. On this night it was a bitter cold that froze you down to the bone and I noticed this poor dog was basically hugging the side of the shops in an attempt to keep as warm as he could. Frankly the sight just broke my heart of the man sitting there begging along with his dog when neither could be comfortable or warm. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and that night ordered the dog a jacket. The jacket arrived on Friday morning (I have a regular order for treats for my dogs with the same company that I added to) and it was perfect. It is nice and warm on the inside and thick with padding and has a waterproof outside. On the drive home from work that night I didn’t even think about wanting my Friday night drinks as I was so busy hoping that they would be there especially since it was freezing. Sadly there wasn’t a sole outside the shops, not even anyone stopped for takeaways!

Today after washing and drying the jacket (figured it would make it nicer and lose any new coating or smell) and then the doubts started coming in. Who did I think I bloody was ah?? What right did I have to suggest that the man wasn’t doing a well enough job looking after his own dog (that was not at all what I meant but thought how it could be taken)? How about the fact that I was taking more notice of the dogs need than of the man???? I had so many of these thoughts going through my head, bit like my annoying little fucken alcoholic voice trying to convince me to drink. Just like I have to with my annoying voice I had to call on my voice of reason and say shut the fuck up!!! Seriously what is the worse that can happen, he attacks me in broad daylight, maybe spit at me, ask his dog to bite my arse????? all in front of the people coming and going from the shops, be sensible! Suck it up buttercup and get your arse down there and just offer it.

They were both there, the man sitting with his shopping bad behind him and surrounded by bits of paper & magazines which had hand written “LOVE” “PEACE” “GIVE LOVE” on them and a donation box, a unopen drink and something tucked in beside him. His beautiful dog was about 4 feet away sleeping next to a shop sign. Once again my inner voice was going crazy as I asked the man if his dog was friendly and would it be alright if I could pat him. He told me of cause go for it, he is friendly and will love it. I patted this big boofy head such a sweetheart and the dog just lay there enjoying the pat. The man started to tell me that his dog is depressed and probably piss off with him. Laughingly I asked him why would that be he looks very well cared for? He told me that he would be annoyed because he had fucked up and ended out of the street again. I told him I was very sorry to hear that and he proceeded to tell me that he was drunk and got in a fight with the landlady and she kicked him out. He then told me that it was his own stupid fault and the dog was mad at him for it. I asked him if he had another home to go to and he said no not at the moment but he was fine just felt bad for his dog. He didn’t mind answering my questions so I asked him but where do you sleep it is so cold? He told me that he is so lucky because someone gave him a sleeping bag that was awesome and then showed me some plastic that he had pulled out of a bin and said he covered them with that explaining that the dog sleeps right next to him. He said that he had a spot that was dry so they were okay. All this time I had the dog coat under my arm and I pulled it out and explained to him about noticing him and his dog and the fact that I loved his dog was obviously loved and well cared for. I then told him that I had purchased the jacket and that it was the wrong size for my dog so would he like it for his dog? I told him that if he didn’t that was fine I had just noticed his dog hugging the building in the cold and it made me want to offer. His (I should stop calling him that because he told me his name was Eddie) face lite up and he said if I was sure that would be awesome. He called out to the dog opening up the jacket and laying it open for him to come and see. Straight away the dog got up and came and lay on it and I swear that dog smiled at me lol.

Anyway this is getting to long (I drift off when reading long posts so I understand if you have done that) but there is more to tell in this story which I will put up soon. Couple of things stuck out to me, while reaching out to help someone else I also helped myself on a Friday night. I was so saddened to hear that alcohol was a lot of the problem. The rest of Eddies story broke my heart and I have no idea if it’s all true but I’m pretty sure parts of it is and that is heartbreaking. Never judge a book by it’s cover and give people a chance you might be surprised.