Seven Things Nomination

Hopefully my 7 things about myself don’t bore you all to death but I have kindly been nominated by sophie12hours in the Seven Things challenge. Thank you so much Sophie (still don’t know your real name) for providing me with this opportunity to be a bit more open on here. OH sorry just wanted to add – Please I will not be offended if I nominate you and you don’t do this. I really wanted to nominate you more as a way of saying thank you for sharing via your own blogs and thinking maybe following your journeys might help others.


  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Seven things about me:

One – I have never disclosed my name on here. I find it better to not have my family or friends to know about my blog as it makes me feel like there is not going to be any comeback or judgement thus giving me the ability to be totally free and honest with my thoughts and feelings on here.

Two – Since the age of about 16 this time round has been the second longest time I have been sober for (yesterday I hit the 3 month mark) the first time around I lasted for over 3 years before I gave up being sober.

Three – I have a huge passion for helping animals and devote most of my time to doing just this when I am not working at my paying job that is (hey a girl has to earn a living as well).

Four – I am single and have been for over 20 years. This doesn’t actually worry me and I have probably set up a big “fuck off” wall around me due to being hurt by my one true love.

Five – I really don’t know if I am straight, bi-sexual or lesbian, I have been attracted to both sexes but I think that it will be a case of I will know which I am when I find the right person (if I ever knock down that fuck off wall that is).

Six – I live in New Zealand and I absolutely love it here. We have such a beautiful country with no snakes (except in Zoo’s) or deadly spiders which are two facts that I love.

Seven – I have a huge fear that I am going to stay alone and that in my future I am going to die a lonely old lady all on my own.

And for the final step I will nominate seven other bloggers, in no particular order,  who’s blogs I have enjoyed reading and you guys might enjoy as well. And sophie12hours I would of nominated you but not sure if your ready to share another 7 lol.

  1. exwinomommy
  2. mummabug
  3. feelingmywaybackintolife
  4. ainsobriety
  5. theacquiescentsoul
  6. UnPickled 
  7. crmsmarty

3 thoughts on “Seven Things Nomination

  1. Hi FG,
    Thank you for your nomination. I am however not so much into these forwarding things but I’m happy to share 7 points here. But first: congrats on your 3 months! That is awesome!!!! 🙂 I am happy for you and happy for me to have another sober sister. 🙂 ❤

    One – I like reading, sewing, gardening, crafting, cooking, walking, biking, hiking and chatting with friends.

    Two – I have been sober for 3,5 years plus and hope to never drink again. Alcohol is poison and I can not deal with it.

    Three – I have a cat, she came into my care when I picked her off the streets. She was so skinny I could feel all the tiny, tiny edges of the bones of her tail seperately. The vet thought it was a castrated male but it worked out to be a fertile pussycat so she had a surprise nest which was wonderful.

    Four – I am single. I am not yet sure about relations. There has been a lot of pain in that area of my life and I realise that being sober requires different relation skills to those I had before. Baby steps.

    Five – Like FG I really don’t know if I am straight, bi-sexual or lesbian. I identify as straight just 'because' and I guess I am (ish). I think my confusion, and a lot of the mess of the rest of my life has to do with having had a twin brother who died in the womb. I have active memories of that – 'funny' as that sounds.

    Six – I live in The Netherlands which is a tiny, tiny but famous country which is partially under the sea level. This is where all travellers to your country come from. We do not have deadly spiders though I would like to mention that NZ has 1 possibly deadly spider: it is a tiny red one of 3-5mm in size. I believe the last guy to be bitten in NZ a few years ago connected with the spider on his guy parts. Which I found rather peculiar. 🙂

    Seven – I was going to write down my secret hope for life and then I found out I have quite few, actually, they did not stop tumbling out of the hat so that was a little overwhelming. Happy to notice that there is some life in me there though. 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed! Did you get yourself a present for your 3 months? I still get myself a present every 25th of the month. Or possibly that is just an excuse to buy another book (books, books). 🙂

    xx, Feeling

    xx, Feeling

    1. Hello Sober Sister (I love that) I love that you still took the time to do this and have really enjoyed reading it (except about the red spider, that’s weird I haven’t heard about that). We have what you call white tail spiders which like bees / wasps people have varying degrees of allergic reactions to and some can be fatal. I like to think that as confusing as it is with regards to our sexuality that it is caused because we have the most amazing hearts that have a pure love not guided by what society often forces upon everyone as acceptable.

      No I didn’t buy anything to celebrate, I developed a really shitty attitude towards money and spending (I think I thought if I didn’t have the money I couldn’t buy more alcohol, guess what I found a way anyway) and am now paying the price of having to pay the loans and credit cards back.

      Have an awesome day SS xx

      1. Oooh, those ‘coping mechanisms’ in order to not do our other coping mechanism…. A friend of mine had a eating disorder. She would get a certain amount of money out of the bank and then mail her bankcard to herself so it would be away from her during the weekend when she was most likely to binge eat and drink. 🙂 She then started ‘liberating’ things from shops. :-/
        Not buying anything is a the best present you can give yourself now. And, the most beautiful things are for free anyway 🙂 Although I heard it was shitty weather in NZ, well Auckland anyway.
        With the spider: I think I wrongly referred to the redback indeed. Something from our trip to NZ years ago.
        Have a nice Monday!
        xx, Feeling

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