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Why do we all talk so much and forget to listen?

I am surrounded by people that I know love me but at the same time I am getting so damn frustrated and angry at them. I really feel the need for a friend that will just sit down and listen. I don’t need anything more than that but to just have someone listen and hear what I need to say. I need a really good girlfriend night where what we do is sit and and bitch and moan about things in our life’s that are pissing us off right now. Then we can both sit there and go “I know right” to everything we both say. I am a really good listener and have always been the friend that people come do when they feel the need to just talk and be listened too. At the moment I just need someone to take the time to listen to me and hear my struggles. Then I would love them to say “hang in there buddy this is just a bad patch and it won’t be long and you will look back and say whew I made it and things are so much better”. But no one is listening, when did it become such a rarity to stop and listen, really listen not listen while thinking about something else, not listen to the start and then cut the person off while you decide that your story needs to be told instead.

I realized that I would feel better if I reached out to a friend and just let it all out but it just isn’t working for me. I am not the sort of person that opens up to people and pours my heart out but at the moment I feel the strong need for some support. I asked 2 friends to come out to dinner and when I was asked how things where going I started to tell them and was cut off by one of the friends telling my about how she was experiencing something similar with her daughter and proceeded to go off on a 20 minute rant about it. I sat there almost in tears because it hurt and felt like what I had to say really didn’t matter. I have another friend who I have always been there for and when she is going through shit I always message her to see that she is okay and check in on her often. I ran into her the other day and she asked how things where going so I filled her in briefly on what was happening. I would of thought that this friend would of taken the time to message a couple of days later to see how things where going but a month later nothing. This one makes me feel that the friendship wasn’t as important to her as it was to me. I tried briefly at work to talk to some friends / colleges to once again be cut off as one of them went on a roll telling us all about an experience she had with her son.

Why do we do this to people? This makes me sound like a big moaner that people are sick of listening to but I can assure you that I don’t share things with people I normally as a rule keep it to myself. At the moment is a very rough patch and I feel like if I could find a shoulder to cry on I could get up shake myself off and find the strength to move on. Instead I have been left feeling flat and unloved and like I don’t matter.

Damn You Oh Brother Of Mine

Yesterday my Dad talked a bit about my brother and the situation and it was highlighted to me that my parents are both getting older now (late 70’s) and that I would probably always have to look out for my brother. We discussed that even with us pointing out to my brother that his drug taking has in fact done brain damage he simply can not see it. He does not think with the logic a normal person should and it is like living with a damn teenager even though he is 49. After hearing that fact I was seriously ready to bolt back into my teenage years myself and run away. I want to run away from the responsibility that I never asked for and I don’t want to have to be around to guide him and try to direct him in the right direction. Actually who the hell am I to think I know the direction he should take anyway?? And yet a part of me knows that this is true and that while still letting him live his life I do have to be ready to step in when required. My parents have been doing this all his life and I think they are worried that no one else will be around to do it when they pass. That and they are getting tired and don’t have the energy to deal with it all anymore.

Last night my brother went out and when he came home I knew that he was either drunk, stoned or both. He was all sheepish and glad to find me sitting with headphones on working on my laptop so neither of us had to make conversation. This morning he gets up and says oh shit I shouldn’t do that, I shouldn’t of driven in that state. Seriously I am dealing with the mind of a teenager, what person of his age can’t either stay the night where you get in that state, call a cab, call me (putting up with my shittyness would of been better than getting DIC or worse hurting / killing someone else on our roads. What a fucken dumb arse, seriously wake the hell up. I basically got a rev up of a very similar nature before he left for work.

Later my Dad comes around to continue helping me with the fence and he mentioned that I looked tired to which I explained that I had been up very late. I told him that I was working and didn’t see the point of going to bed to be woken up again when my brother came in by the dogs barking at his entrance. I told him that I could tell my brother was either drunk or stoned and that the dickhead had even made comment that he shouldn’t drive. My Dad’s reply was that if he is any where near those drugs again he can fuck off out of this house and out of our lives he will not help him again if he has gone back to them. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was back on the drugs. I have mentioned to my Mum that he is taking them again and her reply was for God’s sake don’t tell your father, now I can see why. Now I didn’t not tell my Dad to protect my brother in fact I did not tell my Dad to protect him from the obvious pain it would cause again and from him cutting my brother out of our life. If this was to happen my Mum would be devastated as her and my brother have an amazingly close bond. There was a time that my brother was so screwed up with drugs that for years we did not know if he was dead or alive or where in the world he was. For these years there was also a sense of sadness in my mother and I could not bear to see her like that ever again.

All of this makes me hate drugs and alcohol with such a deep passion that I didn’t even realize it was there. I am an alcoholic and have no doubt that the addiction gene is so strong in my family. Someone said would your brother go to rehab and get some help, my reply a person has to first admit that they have a problem before they can accept help for it. My brothers brain is so damaged by the drugs and I know what mental games addiction can cause that I doubt he will ever be willing to get help for something he views as not a problem.

Turning a Negative into a Positive – Day 269

Well I thought it was time I shared something positive with you all. I do apologize about all the negatives but to me coming on here and just blogging it out there and clearing it out of my head makes a huge difference. I also love the support that I get given off here so thank you all. I also have good thoughts and don’t share enough of them with you so here you go.

The other week my car got broken into while parked outside my house a night. I was inside the house at the time along with my dogs and my brother. Now an annoying thing about it all is that my dog did go off his head barking at one point. Because I am freaking out trying to stop the barking with having 3 dogs in the house I growled at him and called him inside. Silly me, poor dog being growled at when he was doing a good thing. It has not gone amiss on me that I have lived at this house for years and at no trouble ever and have always felt safe. I do believe there is a link between my brother being there and his drug taking and yep I am happy to point my finger at either his drug taking friends or his drug dealer – arseholes. I was gutted because not only did they steal my favourite sunglasses that night they also took my IPod Classic (which you can’t get anymore damnit) and a selection of CD’s.  ANOTHER THING THEY STOLE THAT NIGHT WAS MY FEELING OF SECURITY! I was very upset about it all and was pissed combined sad for a week or more. Acutally everytime it was sunny I was grumpy because I didn’t have my favourite sunnies to put on only some cheap and nasty ones that hurt my nose until my insurance was sorted. hahaha I can almost hear you think where the hell is the positive out of all of this and I am getting there.

Sunglasses – No longer available in NZ 😦 thank goodness for google found exactly the same glasses in Hong Kong and from ordering they arrived within a week! Positive right there people.

CD’s – Well didn’t get to replace them becasue with my excess from the insurance company the first $250 was taken by them – Negative right there people but one that I can live with, let’s keep it in prospective there are people suffering and dieing all around the world.

IPod – As highlighted no longer available as Apple have stopped making the Classics. Now this could of been a negative but hey instead I got to think about what I would like instead from the insurance company. This got me thinking that I have always wanted to purchase my mother an IPad (I originally told her I would give her one of my old IPods to use and never got around to it). My insurance company agreed to pay out for an IPad instead and I was able to gift it to my mother. My mother was so happy she just about cried.

POSITIVE AND TURNED A NEGATIVE EVENT IN MY LIFE RIGHT AROUND TO SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME SMILE EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT 🙂 Mum can’t stop smiling and has already been out and purchased a cover to protect her new device. My Dad told me she doesn’t need one of those (I guarantee he will be using it within 3 months) and I told him thats not the point she may not need it but she so deserves it. I am so happy that some arsehole stole my shit and it meant that I could feel the warm fuzzies I am experiencing just by being able to give my Mum something I simply do not have the cash to purchase.

I am pretty sure that if I concentrate I can write more posts about many positive things that happen to me everyday that get over looked. Sorry I won’t be stopping the negatives as well because like I said it gets them out of my damn head. But this one made me feel so good I just had to share it with you all.

Oh and I am now on day 269, I stopped counting the days but have just done a telly to see where I am sitting and there we go 269 another positive for today 🙂 Keep rolling along my fellow bloggers this train ain’t stopping anytime soon feel free to join me on this sober journey. Its pretty awesome being more aware of what is happening around me oh and I love being able to get up early on weekends and just do nothing more simply than take my dogs for a walk and to be part of it with them. I no longer walk along in a daze that is hung over and feeling like doing it is just ticking another thing of my list for the day. A list that I had to complete to earn the next round of drinks that night. NO MORE it is one of the most awesome moments to BE with them and enjoy the walk just as much as they do.

Why am I so freakin angry and bitter most of the time!

OMGosh I can be such a bitch with a sarcastic tongue  that has a venom that slaps out. Sometimes I am shocked myself by the level of my inner bitterness. I have a side that can be so loving and compassionate and yet another side that is so angry it is like living with Jekyl and Hyde. I am working so hard on trying to tame the inner bitch but it just comes out and bitch slaps me so hard. I can feel it coming with a grumpiness that starts to boil over into just being a bitch.

I know my trigger and it is drugs and alcohol. I have become this person that has no tolerance for people that participate in either and become very judgmental of them for their choices. I am pissed with my brother for still taking drugs and I am tense when around him while he is drinking. I am pissed with the person who is selling him the drugs and suspect that it is a person at our work who is selling it to him (yes we currently live together but we also work together, not healthy). I am pissed with the ones that are uses at work as if they have had an evening together they really do have a I can’t  be fucked day at work. You would think that my boss would be unhappy with this but he also partakes in this behavior. Out of my 4 bosses that I have had in the past 12 years 2 of them have been drug takers and one was without doubt an alcoholic.

Anyway focusing back on the problem I hate my inner bitchiness and that sarcasm that comes with it. Why the hell can’t I just relax and let people live their lives the way they want to and not be such a judgmental cow? If there is a part of our character that we hate why is it so hard to just stop it? It is so rude and also it is tiring wasting my energy judging others and being shitty.

Living with an addict is hard

Well it’s been a while since I have been on here again my life has just got so busy I often feel like I am swimming against the current.

My brother is still living with me and things aren’t honkey dorey with that situation. I love my brother but it is not healthy for me living with him. He has his own addiction problem with drinking and smoking tobacco and drugs. I find myself very uptight when he is around and I can smell his rum, I am not sure if it is super strong or if my senses have gone off the scale now that I don’t drink. I get pissed off when the stink of his cigarettes drift into my house, once again being an ex smoker I am probably the worst to be around because now I can’t stand the smell. The drugs I hate with a passion as there is a very long story that goes with my brothers history of drug taking mixed with a broken family, police and judges. I also hate the fact that when he tries to chat with me at night I find myself giving blunt replies because I am not sure if he is stoned and talking shit or if he just thinks on another level to me. I also feel trapped because if I was to ask him to leave he would not have any where to go but to my parents house which I could not do to them as they are getting older now and have health issues of their own to deal with.

I know one thing for sure and that is for the months that I have been and still am sober there is no way in hell I want to go back to my addiction. The first few months of recovery where a living hell. I seriously reached the point that to stop the craziness in my head I really wanted to just kill myself and have a rest from the bullshit. I know this time around that if I was to start drinking again I have no idea how I would find the strength to pull myself through those feelings again. Also I think the feelings would be even stronger because I would be so gutted with myself for starting up again that I would be in an even worse position than ever.

How the hell can I find a way to escape the madness I am living with at the moment?  I don’t even seem to have the energy to go to the gym which is stupid as I worked so hard to achieve what I did in the last few months. It is like the life is being sucked out of me, I need to find a way to motivate myself out of this and not let it drag me down.