Garbage Day

Well here we are Friday again and Fridays seem to have the biggest pull on me.

You have worked hard all week, go on you deserve it. – SHUT UP BITCH

No seriously it has been such a stressful  week, everyone at work has been saying this is a shit week why not wind down with a drink or two?? – I SAID SHUT UP BITCH

Are Fridays going to always be like this I find myself wondering.

Anyways on with the story I wanted to share with you all from this morning which was our rubbish and recycable collection day. Today I carried out my normal bag of rubbish, my bag of recycable paper and cardboard and looked in the glass/plastic recycle bin. In that bin sat 2 lonely empty soda bottles and it wasn’t even worth carrying out to the kerb side. Now to explain the significance of this my bin is always heavy and very close to being full with my cider bottles on and a few items like plastic bottles and empty cans on top (they always go on top so that hopefully people don’t notice the brown cider bottles underneath). I think I get the prize in my neighbourhood for the loudest clinking, smashing and rattling noise as the guy empties it into the truck. Sometimes there is a household down the road that have 2 bins over flowing with cans and bottles but there is more than one person in that house and I think on those times they have had a party. I haven’t had a party and live alone expect for my two dogs which I will full you all in on one day as they are a huge reason why I am determined to give up drinking FOREVER. How the hell did something so minor become something major enough for me to writing a blog on, I have no idea but there you go.



3 thoughts on “Garbage Day

  1. My bin has also been embarrassingly full….and we have a HUGE bin (like the ones on wheels that are also used as trash cans😰). Tuesday will be my first trash day since I stopped so I am excited to see it half empty :).

    And yay, we made it through Friday!! It was even a holiday but I swear it was an even better holiday sober. I did have 2 ice creams instead of 1, but NO wine or beer. Woohoo!!!

  2. It is so funny how we are on the same path, yesterday I had 2 bowls of ice cream hahahaha but no cider, no vodka and no wine!!! Who the hell would of thought we could get excited about trash day bahahahahaha. I have had a dull headache all weekend but I am feeling better than when I was drinking too. Yay for us it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

    Oh P.S. thanks for the email address I have noted it down so I am going to delete it from your comment just incase there are any weirdo’s out there. Feel free to put it back if you want that’s no problem.

    1. You are so sweet (and smart!!). I forget about weirdos being out here. I actually thought you could click on my name and there would be a “contact” button. I see there is not. I’m not very tech savvy though. Email anytime. It seems we are on the same path 🙂

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