This is not my first time trying to get off this crazy alcohol powered train.

Man I am being given some awesome support on here from you beautiful people, thank you so much. We can walk this journey together and if I can help any of you just holla.

Now I do want to point something out to you as some of you super duper people have commented or messaged me that you are only up to day X of being sober this time around. This is not my first time of trying to get off the crazy alcohol powered train!! There have been numerous attempts and even though I am at day 12 now I give total respect to those of you that are up to day 1, 2 , 3 ——– 50000 where ever you are at I salute you. I KNOW HOW HARD THIS IS and the fact that you are trying is AWESOME.

I am not the most intelligent person but I am very smart and pretty quick at thinking on my feet. I am also holding down a good job in a Mangament position and work very hard BUT I find the fact that alcohol has such strength over my mind and body frustrating as hell. It has damaged my spirit, self esteem, health, motivation and in return it has given me depression, low self esteem, being over weight etc I think you get the picture and there are many more things I could add to this list.

Shit sorry my mind is wandering again now and I am having trouble staying focused on this topic (people tell me this will pass). My main point of this post is to say you are all beautiful, please feel free to comment anytime and never ever be shy to say I am only at day 1, 2, 3—-50000 whatever or that oh shit I fell off the bus last night this is not a blog made for judging each other but for helping. It is here for people to be honest and themselves, swear if you want your not out in the public mall and have to be careful with what language you use and as far as I know there are no children following this.

Be strong people and help each other.


7 thoughts on “This is not my first time trying to get off this crazy alcohol powered train.

  1. Yup, yup, yup. Today I was thinking about your strength to keep trying to beat this addiction and how open you are with your words. It made me think back to those days when the detox is over and craziness seems to seep in and days were counted in 15 minute increments. Be strong. You’re so close to some really good days here.

  2. Day 4 here and I am a tad nervous because I have been feeling pretty good this time. I had forgotten about the mind wandering and trouble staying focused (PAWS?), I dread that, but I am committed to taking it minute by minute if I have to and always thinking that drink through to tomorrow and how bad it would suck to start over…..IF I had it in me to start again.
    Let’s keep doing this thing 😉

    1. Hi Tracirn 🙂 Oh yay that is so good to hear that you are feeling pretty good this time!!! I have seen PAWS in someone else’s blog does anyone know what it stands for because I can’t figure it out. I love your comment “how bad it would suck to start over” it would suck arse, big time. I have another inner voice that is telling me that I know I can stay sober and I am putting up the biggest fight of my life at the moment, keep fighting with me I am loving that we are doing this together xoxo let’s fight this demon bitch together.

      1. P.A.W.S. means “Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.” I saw a pretty good post about it on a blog called “What…Me Sober?” I also have some info at home on my laptop if you want me to email it to you. Feel free to email me anytime you need extra support. I think you can get my contact info if you click my name :).

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